Top Amenities And Perks Of Staying In An Oceanfront Hotel Suite

If you are an ocean lover and enjoy sitting and watching the waves crash against the shore, or perhaps you like swimming or sunbathing in the sand, oceanfront hotel suites for your vacation are most likely top of your list. While the view is quite a perk on its own, there are others you could potentially find at some hotels that can go along with that fantastic view.

Here are some of the top amenities and perks you can find while staying in an oceanfront hotel suite.

Welcome Gifts And Food Baskets

When staying at some oceanfront hotel suites you will find that you will receive a welcome gift that is personalized to you and why you are traveling there. Hotels usually understand if you are a business traveler depending on the length of your stay and if you are traveling alone, as well as if it's a family vacation since you will book for more people including children.

Some oceanfront hotels will offer welcome gifts such as free WiFI hookup or laptop in the room, chocolates or wine for a romantic getaway, and for those traveling with kids, books and toys could be part of the welcome gift. It could also include beach items like beach blankets, sunglasses, and beach balls to enjoy while on the beach.

Also, you might find food baskets waiting for you when you arrive too. This could include meal vouchers to local restaurants and sweet treats like bread, jams, and other local fare.

Free Car And Bike Bookings

Oceanfront hotel suites have one major attraction and that is the great view of the ocean from your suite and the close proximity of a beach. While you most likely will enjoy the sand and water, you might want to enjoy the beach or even the local town another way. You may enjoy bike riding for exercise and to see the local sights.

Many oceanfront hotels offer free bikes to head out on local trails for those who book suites there, to ride through town to go shopping or to tourist attractions, or simply to just enjoy riding. It is possible that the hotel will offer guided bike rides and tours as well and you can see off-the-beaten-path areas.

Also, if you prefer many oceanfront hotels also offer free rides using the hotel's own car ride service. This can greatly reduce the cost of paying for taxis or using rideshare programs. When you book your oceanfront hotel suite, you would be eligible to use this service.