Top Reasons You Should Book A Hotel Instead Of An Airbnb

One of the most important aspects of planning a vacation is booking your lodging. Do you want to stay in a cottage or condo in a city? Would you prefer an Airbnb or staying at a luxury resort or hotel? There are plenty of advantages to whatever type of lodging you choose but some have a few advantages over others.

Some travelers prefer the privacy of a resort or Airbnb while others like the idea of a cottage on a lake. There are some advantages to booking a hotel in your chosen vacation destination that most of the others don't have. Here are some top reasons why you should book a hotel instead of an Airbnb.

Onsite Customer Service At All Hours

While it might be nice to book an Airbnb for your vacation, if something goes wrong with your lodging, or something is missing that should be there, you can't just call up the host at any time of day or night and request it be fixed. This means you are inconvenienced or worse while you wait for the property owner or management company to bring what you need or to fix the issue.

When you book a hotel in your vacation destination, you will always have onsite customer service at all hours of the day and night. Most large hotels offer round-the-clock reception staff and security in case you need something fixed or brought to your room. In some hotels, you might even have all-night room service as well.

Discount Prices On Both Your Room And Attractions

One of the best perks of staying at a hotel in your chosen location is you may not only get discounted rates on your hotel stay but you may get discounted tickets to attractions as well. There are many large and even medium-sized hotels that offer package rates if you book directly through the hotel or through certain travel agents and websites.

This could include upgrades on your hotel room, discounts for larger groups staying at the hotel for weddings or other special events, or tickets to amusement parks and excursions. It's also possible to rent bicycles, cars, and even watercraft from some hotels at a good rate.

Hotels Have Better Amenities

While some Airbnb rentals located in condo buildings or even a private home might have some amenities like a swimming pool, they simply don't have the same type of amenities that a hotel does. In some cases, the amenities might be off-limits to those renting an Airbnb in a condo. They may require a separate access card or code that the owner may not provide or forget to.

Hotels in your vacation destination tend to have great amenities like indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas and fitness centers, hair salons, onsite restaurants, and more. You can feel relaxed and can enjoy the amenities as often as you like.

To start planning your vacation, check out hotels in the area you are traveling to.