It's Best If Your Conference Hotel Can Address These Needs

A local hotel can be an ideal venue for your next business meeting. Many hotels cater to the business crowd by offering many square feet of conference space, and this is ideal because you'll get suitable space for your event while also enjoying many of the other amenities that the hotel offers. In order for you to avoid issues on the days of your conference, it's worthwhile to assess your needs in advance and make sure that the hotel can accommodate you. Here are some needs that you may have — and that you should bring up to the staff member booking the hotel conference room for you.

Adequate Accommodations

One of the big advantages of hosting business functions at a hotel is that out-of-town attendees have a logical place to stay. In fact, you may even be able to get a reduced rate if you can guarantee a certain number of rooms being occupied. However, you need to ensure that the hotel has enough vacancy before you book your event so that you aren't forced to have participants spend the day at your event but then have to travel elsewhere for the night. For example, if there's a youth sports tournament in town that day, the hotel's conference facilities may be free, but you'll need to ensure the guest rooms aren't all booked up.

Services For Air Travelers

If you'll be hosting guests at your event who are traveling by air to your city, it's ideal if your host hotel can offer a handful of services for these travelers. For example, some hotels, especially those near the airport, will have a display board in the lobby that provides flight information for the local airport's flights. This can be valuable for a traveler who is leaving to return to the airport after the meeting. Additionally, look for a hotel that runs a complimentary shuttle between the hotel and airport, as this will save your or your colleagues from having to pick up people at the airport.

Free And Dedicated Wireless Connection

Many of your event's attendees will need Internet access. The presenters may use it as they speak, while others in attendance may need to go online for any number of reasons throughout the day. Confirm that your hotel can give you a dedicated wireless connection for the event. This connection should be separate from what the other hotel guests use; the fewer the people using the connection, the faster it will be for those in your group. You also want to make sure that this connection is free for your event's attendees.